09.02.07 (9:17 pm)   [edit]

Hmmm...haven't been here long but am going to switch to, less ads, fewer spammers.

adios tblog! lol, didn't take long to figure out you're pretty poor.  


Fantasy in the dark

09.02.07 (10:09 am)   [edit]'s not what you think... it's just how I escape from all the Real World has to throw at me... When darkness falls I escape into fantasy worlds, often through literature with the likes of Terry Goodkind, David Eddings, David Gemmell, and currently Robert Jordan. Other times through a new passion for World of Warcraft..with my little bravehearted gnome warrior, or my powerful Night Elf Druid.... all a means of coping with the way that Life currently wears me down in the daylight hours... This blog will, I imagine, be an extension of the fantasy realms I hide way or another. Meet my Dark Elf Druid...created today, cruising at level 8 as I leave the computer for the peace of bed, a book ("The Dragon Reborn" - Robert Jordan), and the company of a little black cat.